Participating in enjoyable activities is key to sustaining long-term recovery. Hope Builder Club activities   provide the opportunity to try new things while building a community of support.  Events may include activities such as hiking, bowling, art classes, barbeques, museum visits, golf tournaments, motorcycle rides, community service projects, etc.

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Chapter Meetings

Connecting with others in recovery is essential. Chapter Meetings allow you to connect with other Hope Builder Club members in your area.  Meetings vary in format, from speaker meetings to topic meetings to open discussion.  Unless otherwise specified, family members, friends and alumni are welcome to attend.  In many areas, family-specific Chapter Meetings will take place.  If you are interested in hosting a Chapter Meeting, please contact your alumni coordinator for more information.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are held at Valley Hope treatment centers and give the current patient group the opportunity to ask a variety of recovery related questions to the panel. The panel consists of alumni and family members vetted by Valley Hope staff. Contact your Alumni Coordinator for more information.

Renewal Days

Alumni return to celebrate their sobriety anniversaries and share their stories with the patients in treatment. Family members are invited to celebrate and acknowledge their own growth and journey. Current patients and family members are offered hope and inspiration. This monthly celebration is to honor the positive impact of Valley Hope’s treatment and the individual recovery work being done one day at a time.